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How do you sell your house in Orlando?

My Simple Home Buying Process is EASY!

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It’s A Quick and Simple Process

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It works like this – No repairs, no cleaning… no matter how ugly or pretty it is… no matter the location.

The quickest, easiest way to get past where you are right now with your house is to let me help you remove the burden and uncertainty you’re feeling. Let’s have a conversation about what your best next move is. Just think about the weight off your shoulders, you are just moments away from an answer!

Step 1


I’ll research the details of your home and start crafting a great offer for you.

Step 2


I’ll present you with a fair cash offer with no obligation and no fees.

Step 3


Get the cash you need now. Don’t wait 6 – 12 months to get your house sold.

Just A Few Easy Steps…

#1.    Hey! Fill out the form below πŸ‘‡πŸΌ I’ll get it quickly if not immediately

Once I have your address, I can do a little research about the property and be more informed about the market in your area and be better prepared with your offer. I’ll need your name and contact information to reach out to you as well. (I promise I’m easy to talk to!)


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#2.   I’ll call and get information about your home πŸšπŸ‘πŸ•

I will set up a call so I can gather specifics about the home. Don’t worry about the things you don’t know. I just need the basics and will ask you specific questions I need to make an informed offer. My intention is to give you the highest possible offer I can so the more I know the better.

For example:

house front
we buy houses any kind
  • 123 Main St, Orlando FL 328…
  • 3 bed, 2 bath house
  • 1500 sq. ft
  • Built in 1983
  • Median sale price in that are is $250,000
  • Repairs needed – Roof, A/C, Plumbing, Paint, Bathroom (you get the idea)
  • Last updated December 2005
  • Need to sell ASAP

#3.   I’ll set an appointment to view the house in person or virtually πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ“Έ

This can be in person or virtual. Many times the “in person” viewing is the easiest. I can do a quick walk through and gather photos to confirm all the information we discuss and gather anything we may have missed in the process. If you prefer virtual, and have a smartphone where we can do a video chat, I am happy to set that up with you as well.

#4.   I’ll make you the highest possible ALL CASH offer within 24 hours πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Once I have a good idea of the home’s value and what is needed to make this easy for you I can put together an offer and get it back to you quickly. Sometimes I can get it back within 30 minutes to an hour but definitely in less than 24 hours. I respect your time and want to be fair.

#5.   If you accept my offer we set a closing date and you get paid! πŸ’΅πŸ˜

Once we have agreed to the offer, we sit down and do the paperwork together, then I will send it directly to my title company to get the closing scheduled. I work with fantastic professionals in the industry who do all the work to find needed information to convey title and close on the property. You won’t have to clean, you just take what you want and I will handle the rest!

No guessing what will happen along the way.

I will guide you through every step.

Even if I am not the right answer, I will help you find it. Reach out today.

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