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4 Different Ways To Get The Attention Of Home Buyers in Orlando

4 Ways To Attract Home Buyers in Orlando

Well as everybody says, “there is more than one approach to skin a cat.” Well the truth is, the saying holds true even within the concept of selling one’s home. Orlando home buyers have a variety of needs; having the correct selling strategy helps increase the number of showings and therefore the possibility of a sale also rises. 

4 Different Ways To Get The Attention Of Home Buyers in Orlando

1. Declutter Your Property Both Inside And Out

This may be an overwhelming task especially if you and your family have been living on the property for many years.  Over time, things accumulate in the closet, the living room, in the garage, and even in the bathroom. Clutter does not look attractive and makes any room look cramped. 

If you are opting to sell your property, that also means that you and your family are moving. This may be an opportunity to sort through all your belongings and pick out things you are going to bring along and sort the ones you are getting rid of or donating. 

Pack up all the items that you will be needing on the move and store them in a rented storage space. This is a way you can get rid of the unnecessary clutter from your home.

Once you’re done with the first step, it’s time to give your property a deep cleaning. With all spaces decluttered, you can see many areas that often get missed in regular cleanings. It’s a good idea to mop and disinfect all the areas of your Home. This way, you will always be prepared for potential home buyers. 

2. Check Your Home Thoroughly And Do The Necessary Repairs

If you have something in your home that needs to be fixed, fix it immediately. This may seem unnecessary but this is a common mistake from sellers. Don’t wait for the home buyers to find something broken. Buyers will eventually discover that something is wrong and it may affect your offer.

And besides, as a seller you are required by law to disclose all problems that are in your property. And if you are not aware of the problem, home inspectors will surely discover it and therefore buyers will end up requesting repairs. Sellers end up paying for the repairs one way or the other. One option is to get an inspection done on your home so you know what buyers will find and you can be proactive and negotiate accordingly.

The best approach is to disclose repairs, plus all the upgrades that you made to the property while people are looking. This way, it will save the sale from lengthy repair requests in the escrow process and also gives the buyer the impression that you have taken good care of their future home.

3. Staging The Property Properly

Staging recommended by real estate agents to their clients often gets pushed back. Most of the time, sellers do not feel the need to stage their home properly in preparation for selling.

What homeowners don’t know is that staging does not mean that you have to clear everything from your home and rent new furnishings just to show to potential buyers. Working with an experienced consultant can help you rearrange the existing furniture the right way and all the other items in your home.

The decluttering process in step 1 is a very good start. The idea is to present your home to buyers so they can visualize what it will be like to live in that home. This way, you can increase the probability of people making offers on your home.

4. Know The Expected Fair Market Value And Set Your Price Just Under That Point

Although this idea might seem counterintuitive, it does make your pricing more aggressive than the other homes within the same market value range.

When home buyers are looking at listings, they are looking for specific data like the price, size, condition, and location. When the size, condition, and location are equal, then the potential home buyers will opt to make the listing price as the main sorting factor.

Listings with a lower price get more attention especially in a certain market where there are a lot of buyers that are looking for homes. A skilled agent can hold open houses for potential buyers who can leave feeling excited about a new home experience. Once it is clutterless, clean, and properly staged, this will present an opportunity for the seller to increase the bid on the offers.

Other Selling Opportunities

If you are strapped for time or do not have the resources to do all these, you can always opt out from the whole process. Consider working with investors and professional home buyers and discuss your options with them.

GinnyBuysHouses is a real estate investment company as well as a professional home buyer. We not only focus on purchasing your home but we can also assist you with whatever you need in getting a new place to move in.

If sellers agree to a cash offer, the turnaround time could be 48 hours or less and all the technicalities of the sale will be done by then. Homeowners do not need to go through all the hassles of staging and there will be no need for hidden fees, commissions, and all the other expenses that would be needed in staging your home.

If sellers want to avoid the hassle of staging, cleaning, repairs, showings, and the cost of marketing then working with a credible homebuyer may be a great solution. Always do your research on whomever you choose to work with. We, at Ginny Buys Houses, would love the opportunity to help you make a wise decision and show you your options. Give us a call today!


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